Clinical Benefits of DPNCheck Testing

Patient management can be positively impacted with DPNCheck by detecting, confirming, and monitoring peripheral neuropathies.  DPNCheck is particularly useful in the evaluation and management of patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN):

  • Early detection of DPN, even in the absence of symptoms and signs
  • Help confirm or rule-out DPN and quantify severity
  • Monitor changes in DPN over time and in response to treatment
  • Early diagnosis of DPN presents opportunities to intervene and reduce costs
  • Identify those patients with neuropathy that are at highest risk for neuropathy related complications such as foot ulcers, neuropathic pain, and falls

DPN related ulcers and amputations have 5 year mortality rates comparable to colon cancer and worse than other common cancers, click here to view mortality data. 

To view a clinical summary of diabetic peripheral neuropathy evaluation click here.